B2B Lead Generation Statistics

B2B Lead Generation Statistics You Need to Know

Isn’t marketing like fashion? The trends seem to change in a given span of time. One day your favorite dress shop displays high waisted jeans wore by those mannequins, the other day you see them covered with ripped jeans. Fashion trendsetters follow what seems to be hot and latest on the market.

Well, B2B marketers should do the same.

With the ever changing algorithm of search engines and social networking sites, there’s no place for complacency. However, you can’t implement strategies in a flick. You will need accurate data to support your theories and finally, come up with a comprehensive plan. It entails the consideration of various factors, such as trends, technological advancements and resources.

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So before you dive into the hype,  know the pulse of the B2B landscape through this compiled B2B lead generation numbers.

B2B Lead Generation By The Numbers Some Stuff You Need to Know from Vivien – The Savvy Marketer


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