Three Signs Your Customers In Singapore Are Leaving You

Three Signs Your Customers In Singapore Are Leaving YouDoing business in Singapore is never that easy, especially now that information about different companies is more available through the internet. While most of us would assume that B2B lead generation is all about getting new clients into your business (a task usually done in appointment setting), these also have the important task of keeping your current ones interested in your new offerings. And if your business deals with search engine optimization (SEO), this becomes even more challenging. It is tough enough looking for new SEO leads, so it will be wise to keep the ones you already have. But how can you tell if a client wants to leave?

There are at least three signs to watch for.

One, the client requests a copy of the contract. This should start you thinking, since something must have happened to compel them to review the terms both of you have agreed on. It is best if you head that off from the get-go.

Two, the client suddenly becomes nonresponsive. When your only source of communication with them is through the phone, like in a telemarketing campaign, it means they are thinking of business options other than you.

Third, you or the client has changes in organization. It is normal for either you or the client to have changes in the organizational structure. But when that happens, and especially if it affects your primary contact with the firm, then you have to sell yourself all over again.

Generating sales leads is hard work, so you have to work hard to keep the ones you already have. You will have to perform a more thorough B2B lead generation and appointment setting campaign.

One Great Tip To Improve The Quality Of Your Lead Generation Campaigns

One Great Tip To Improve The Quality Of Your Lead Generation CampaignsGreat creativity is often demanded from your marketing people. They help your company by coming up with the most engaging marketing campaigns for your Singapore lead generation, without which you wouldn’t be able to get any qualified sales leads. Creating effective lead generation campaigns is not the only task of your marketing team. They also develop telemarketing scripts to help your b2b telemarketers get to the decision makers, which in turn assures you of consistent, qualified appointment setting campaigns. To make sure your marketing people are always motivated to give their all, here’s a simple tip that will be of great help:

Allow them to goof off every once in a while.

Consistently staring at the computer screen and trying to squeeze out every creative juice they have is extremely counterproductive. If you force your employees to finish their tasks without any breaks, you might actually get a decent telemarketing script, but it may not be enough to help your telemarketers get the attention of the right decision makers. Allow their minds to be distracted by external stimuli, such as music, chatting with a colleague, browsing the internet, and even checking on their social media accounts. Of course these should be allowed for only a few minutes at a time.

Allowing your marketing people to shift their attention onto something else helps their minds relax, which means they will be more open to new ideas once they start thinking again. Encourage them to stand up, walk, or just move from time to time to help get oxygen into their brain. You should also let them sleep in the middle of the day if they feel sleepy. This greatly helps to recharge them.

Let your employees do what they want or need to do for a few minutes of the work day, and they will be more willing and capable of tackling work problems and come up with better solutions.

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