Acquire B2B Financial Leads Better with these Web Tips

Acquire B2B Financial Leads Better with these Web Tips

The financial industry is nothing short of complex. Competition has intensified over the years, prompting decision makers within the industry to enhance their B2B lead generation activities.

Generating B2B leads to which one can sell financial services is a lot like completing a jigsaw puzzle of the Eiffel Tower. The pieces should be complete, and missing just one can be maddening to the participants. It’s unsatisfying. You would go to great lengths just to look for that piece in the same dilemma that B2B marketers confront in formulating lead generation strategies.

A complete marketing and sales campaign can secure a satisfying number of sales closes. Hence, key marketing components should be in place. A financial services company must have an efficient web infrastructure as it is an important component in every marketing plan.

Online platforms are crucial in the nascent success of every business. The use of web channels enables businesses to leverage numerous opportunities to engage their targets. But simply having a web presence isn’t enough. More important is to use these social media and web platforms effectively so as to produce the best B2B financial leads.

Here are some ways that financial services companies can use their web presence for lead generation.

Company blogging. It is important to note that nearly every company within the sector has established a blogging platform. This is because blogs are the main drivers of B2B audience awareness. It is also an important lead nurturing. Information presented in the company blog has proved to be an efficient means in influencing prospect decisions.

Free content. Another way to collate client audience interest is to offer free downloadable content. By offering free materials such as ebooks and whitepapers, companies are assured that their targets have enough interest to purchase financial and accounting products. Besides, who doesn’t want free stuff?

SEO prioritization. What’s the use of creating quality content when one is suffering from poor web traffic? Prioritizing SEO activities is a necessity as it provides your brand with the right kind of B2B leads, taking into account the keywords decision makers in their search for solutions.

Industry tracking. Also, it is very important for B2B companies to observe key industry metrics. Conversions need to be calculated alongside industry projections. On top of this, it is essential that a lead management database organize prospects according to their eagerness to buy.

How to Improve your B2B Lead Generation Telemarketing for Better Sales

How to Improve your B2B Lead Generation Telemarketing for Better Sales

In recent years, telemarketing has seen a boom in usage despite pessimistic notions that it is being phased out by social media and email. Within the B2B industry, the practice is very much alive, particularly for lead generation purposes.

However, not all of these businesses are doing it right. Marketers are always hard-pressed for surefire solutions that can produce the best results in the form of high quality B2B sales leads. The usual issues often pertain to decision-maker dynamics.

Improving one’s lead generation program can be difficult, considering that there are factors to consider. The most compelling of these is obviously the nature of B2B prospects. Their decisions are based on several conditions such as the issues they have at hand. Their purchase potential is also based on the way a telemarketer approaches them and the information being relayed.

Indeed, it is a complex undertaking requiring rigorous application. From first contact to the appointment setting phase, proper ways should be employed in order to guide the decision-maker through the purchase funnel and ultimately agree to a closed deal.

As a start, try these telemarketing tips that can improve your lead generation and sales performance.

Be courteous. This is already a giveaway. But in many instances, it is a fact that is sometimes ignored. Courtesy and respect for the prospect’s time goes a long way, especially towards fostering a long-term business relationship.

Be informative. What does a telemarketer give during a five minute cold call? Obviously, it is not a sales pitch. It comes much later. The first thing that should be presented in fact is information about the company, its target audiences, its capabilities and the recurrent problems of the prospect.

Never let go just yet. Getting rejected? Well, does not come as a surprise. Telemarketers after all eat and spit out rejections on a daily basis. But the thing is most of these rejections are not strictly negative. Apparently, a declined prospect might not need your services at the moment. Maybe, he or she would consider tapping you on a much later time or certain conditions necessitate it. Either way, it would always be a better idea to have an efficient lead nurturing program for following up on qualified-decision makers.

These are just the tip of the iceberg. Surely, there are many more to consider in terms of generating qualified B2B leads through telemarketing. And you might also consider having a competent outsourcing partner by your side for an improved marketing performance.

Top B2B Lead Generation Tips on LinkedIn

Top B2B Lead Generation Tips on LinkedIn

It is important to note that companies are making rounds online. With the existence of social media platforms, it has become easier for them to apply strategies in terms of B2B lead generation. And while we can vouch for Facebook and Twitter as effective means for generating demands, we can always count on LinkedIn to be an efficient source for B2B leads.

For many B2B businesses, LinkedIn is still an apt partner for filling up the sales pipeline with the proper prospects. In fact, at least 43% of marketers have found leads via the site, based on a 2013 study by HubSpot. The latter also noted the LinkedIn is 277% more effective than Facebook and Twitter in terms of B2B lead generation. Kissmetrics on the other hand is even more positive – with 80% of lead converted through the platform!

With these figures in mind, you may as well maximize your LinkedIn profile. This comes with knowing the proper ways to handle the different tools that make the site efficient in lead management.

If you are looking for effective strategies for generating B2B leads, explore these techniques for a better experience in social media marketing.

Advanced search. LinkedIn’s Advanced People Search is an excellent prospecting tool. With it, marketers can key in important details about their target audience to produce a list of individuals that fit their profile. Using this tool will require you to input vital audience data for better and more specific search results.

Be heard. Joining online discussions not only advertises your company. It also allows you to expand your network and establish your place within the industry. It also enables you to listen to issues and problems that are confronting the market, and the ideal solutions to remedy these.

Tap specific groups. LinkedIn also makes it possible for you to search groups. By focusing your search on specific groups by industry ad by size will make it easier for you to locate leads in bulks. Make sure that you only type in relevant keywords pertaining to the types of groups you are looking for.

Pay for extensive content. If there’s a content platform that gives better results in increasing lead traffic, it is found on LinkedIn. By subscribing to the site’s advanced content publishing service, you can reach people outside your own niche.

With these strategic tips, you will find it easy to expand your sales pipeline. But it would require expert social media marketing skills in order to maximize these techniques. Luckily, there’s always an eager B2B outsourcing firm that is waiting to lend you an extra hand for a better lead management experience.  

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