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Use Multi-channel Marketing to Keep You Ahead of the Competition

Why You Should Use Multi-channel Marketing to Keep You Ahead of the Competition

I’m always wondering how my competitors are doing whenever I look for new ways to market my products and services. In this rapidly changing world of business, I always want to be on top of my competitors. In order for my business to survive, I need to adapt and study my industry to stand out.

What do they do? How they do it? Who are their clients?

This leaves me thinking, how can I make my company better?

Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box and change your old strategies. However, whatever you do never copy your competition. And, don’t do anything that would hurt them.

In this digital world, many marketers use multi-channel as part of their marketing strategy. Small and start-up companies are always wondering why and how do bigger companies use it to stay ahead of their competitors.

A marketing case study report shows, companies that are using data-driven, multichannel marketing strategies are seeing dramatic results.

For example, USAA increased its return on investment for email campaigns by 12 times, Travelocity saw a 15% lift in conversion, and Dollar Thrifty improved response rates to promotions by 152%.

In order to compete, you should do what other companies within your industry are doing, but better. And here’s why you should also use multi-channel marketing.

#1. Reach out and connect with prospects on their preferred channel.

As a marketer, you have to be where your customers are. There are more than 50% of today’s prospects who use the internet to research first before they make a decision to purchase. Most of the time, Singaporeans are connected on their devices such as mobile or tablets whether for work or leisure.

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#2. Build a lasting relationship with your prospects.

Your main goal when reaching out to prospects is to understand them better regardless of what platform you use. Understanding them lets you create a personalized message that they can relate to and are not annoying. It’s never easy to gain your prospect’s trust for them to consider doing business with you. But giving them a positive experience in every step of their buying journey allows you to become one step ahead of your competitors.

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#3. Higher prospect engagement and ROI.

Letting people know about your products and services through multiple marketing channels – email, voice, social, web, mobile and chat lets you engage with them anytime when they are most likely active on their preferred channel.

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Because of an increase in your engagement with your prospects, you’ll definitely guide them through until they’ve reached the final stage of their buying journey and make a decision to purchase.

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No matter what your challenges are, multi-channel marketing lets you market your products to your prospects regardless what channel they use. The best thing is, the long term multi-channel marketing campaign allows you to achieve up to 300% improvement in ROI with less marketing efforts.  

Here are just proofs from satisfied clients:



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Marketing Automation: Hot or Not?

5 Lead Nurture Tools to Turn Cold Singapore Prospects to Warm

Utilize Marketing Automation To Reveal Your Prospects Data


Utilize Marketing Automation To Reveal Your Prospects Data

Utilize Marketing Automation To Reveal Your Prospects Data

What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation is a software used to automate all of your marketing actions such as email, newsletter and social media to do repetitive tasks for you. It is the easiest way to attract new leads, nurture prospects and convert them into loyal customers.

Marketing automation lets you:

  • Identify what your prospect did on your website
  • What other social media or email marketing has the lead interacted with that could have influenced conversion
  • What company does your prospect work for
  • The number of employees the company have
  • If the prospect can afford your services
  • The authority of your prospect when it comes to purchasing decision

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But how can you get information from your prospects using different channels through marketing automation?


An effective email marketing campaign is all about sending the right message to the right person at the right time. Create and send out personalized message based on your prospect’s actions and preferences.

Email marketing automation can help:

  • Save time and effort
  • Increase customer engagement
  • Can create opportunities and do up sell

Through email, you can get the following information based on their responses.

  • Whether the prospect is interested or not
  • The timeline for their project (you’ll know when to contact them again)
  • The prospect’s availability
  • Direct phone  number (some emails have signatures that include the company name, direct phone number, job title and social media accounts)

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Many marketers focused all of their marketing efforts online because it’s less expensive. The internet provides opportunities to profile your prospects from your website by interacting with them through content, newsletter, videos, chat, etc with the pop-up form where they can fill up their personal information such as:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Job title
  • Phone number

Website marketing automation can;

  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Get new subscribers
  • Gather personal information of your prospects
  • What topics or information they are interested in

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Social media

For many marketers, social media means engagement and transparency. Twitters, LinkedIn, and Facebook are created to build community within your industry to share informative content and stay connected with your followers.

Social media can be used to:

  • Learn more about your prospects
  • Gain new customers
  • Engage with existing customers

What information can you get from social media?

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Job title
  • Company information
  • Phone number

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What to do with the information gathered?

The reality is marketing automation alone can’t get you enough leads to compete within your industry. Why? It is a long-term process to convert prospects into loyal customers and some of them failed to convert.

But with marketing automation, you’ll be able to identify if your prospects are qualified to become a sales lead and simplify your process.

For example, if a prospect responded to an email asking more information about your product or service, you can have someone from your sales team to give this prospect a call to close the deal.

Here are the Top 5 examples of marketing automation platforms that you can use



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The Secrets to Increase your Database with Qualified Contacts [VIDEO]

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How to Work with Offshore Lead Generation Team


How to Work with Offshore Lead Generation Team

How to Work with Offshore Lead Generation Team

“Can an offshore B2B lead generation company provide enough leads?” This is the first thing that came into my mind when I started looking for ways to increase the number of sales for my growing business.

As a business owner, I know that whether your company is big or small, different parts within your organization needs to take into consideration - operation, finances, products and services, sales and marketing, etc.

Because of its many advantages, a lot of business owners consider outsourcing their B2B lead generation to manage their sales leads better. Leaving your lead generation campaign to the experts is more cost effective, less time consuming AND healthier sales pipeline.  

Managing a remote team is different from running your own people in an office. So it is important to pick a partner that you can trust.

Qualities that you need to look for in an offshore lead generation team.

  • Experience. Someone who’s been in the business for quite some time with successful campaigns. Check their website for client testimonials.
  • Skills. A company with the professional sales team to handle your campaign and represent your company.
  • Process. Look for a company who has established a tested and proven process and follows it.
  • Tools. Someone with the right tools to help your campaign become successful.
  • Price. Find a partner that can provide you with quality service but is within your budget.  

For every business owner, hiring a team that you can trust is not easy. But if you have an offshore lead generation team, here’s how to work with them effectively.

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Define your goal.

In order to see results and avoid discontentment, it is important to clearly define what you want to achieve. Every member of the team must have one goal. Inform them your objectives for the campaign.

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Communicate effectively.

Learn and know their process. Let them know what you want to accomplish but respect their expertise on how to do it. With trust comes respect. Being a hands-on partner is good. However, the main reason why you seek for their expertise is to see results. So, it is okay to trust their professional judgment. 

Have a regular meeting schedule.

The weekly meeting is necessary. Working closely with your team means identifying any possible problems and provide solutions ahead of time.

Recognize their achievements.

It’s easy for us to see the problem. However, inspiring your team because they did well will make them do their job even better. Here are the things you need to avoid if you don’t want to lose Singaporean employees in 10 ways.

Treat them as partners.

Provide suggestions on how to have a successful campaign. At the same time, be open to any suggestion and don’t be afraid of any changes.

Running an offshore lead generation team is hard. However, you need to learn to trust who you hire to do this job. Follow these 5 tips and work with them effectively to see continuous success.



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12 Telemarketing Myths Decision Makers Actually Believe

Telemarketing Scripts That Will Get You Singapore Leads


12 Telemarketing Myths Decision Makers Actually Believe

12 Telemarketing Myths Decision Makers Actually Believe

It is not a secret that telemarketing has a bad image for decision makers. Let’s face it, almost everyone don’t like them because of a bad experience about what telesales people actually do and what they would consider a good telesales person.

But the real truth is… Most of these bad impressions are not true!

So I have listed down some of the most common telemarketing myths in the eyes of a decision maker and why they are just plain wrong and the corresponding truth behind it!

Myth #1: Telemarketers talk endlessly.

Truth: To them objections are opportunities for discussion. Good telemarketers let their prospects ask questions and voice out their concerns. They know they can help their prospects well if they listen to their issues and concerns. Bring out the best of your B2B Telemarketers!

Myth #2: Telemarketers call to sell me stuff I don’t need.

Truth: A good telemarketer will always ask questions to identify their prospect’s needs. When they found out their prospects need their product or service, that’s the only time they will do all the selling.

Myth #3: Telemarketers only call to waste my time.

Truth: Telemarketers call a company to find out if there’s an opportunity to do business with them. When they know they don’t, they won’t bother calling you again.

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Myth #4: Telemarketers are young and inexperienced staffs who only read their script.

Truth: Call centers hire students and undergrads. However, they undergo intensive training before letting them call.

Myth #5: Telemarketers always want to be in control of the conversation.

Truth: True, telemarketers sound aggressive on the phone and wanted to be in control of the entire call. But the prospects are the one in control of the call. They have the power to decide if they will listen or simply hang up the phone.

Myth #6: All telemarketers do is spamming my phone and voice mail with unsolicited messages.

Truth: Decision makers usually hide from telemarketers. Often times, they will continue calling and leave voice messages until they get hold of their prospects who will inform them they don’t need anything.

Integrate telemarketing with other marketing channel and reach more prospects in Asia!

Reach Prospects in Asia with Less Effort and 3x Results [VIDEO]

Myth #7: Telemarketers dial random phone numbers making unwanted calls.

Truth: A good telemarketers have an ideal customer and only call prospects within their target market.

Myth #8: Telemarketers and customer service reps are the same.

Truth: Telemarketers market their products and service over the phone to potential customers. While customer service reps take care of the inquiries of their current customers.

Myth #9: Telemarketers don’t know what they’re talking about on the phone.

Truth: Telemarketers were given product knowledge to address and answer their prospects questions about their products or services. Often times, they were trained before making any call.

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Myth #10: Telemarketers are repetitive, just like a robot.

Truth: They are trained to be conversationalist. However, they often ask the same question to identify whether their prospect need what they’re offering.

Myth #11: Telemarketer alert! I must block the call.

Truth: The truth is, if you only pick up the phone, answer the call, listen and tell them you don’t need any of their products or services, they won’t call you again.

Myth #12: Telemarketers are apathetic. They don’t care as long as they say their spiel.

Truth: A good telemarketer is assertive on the call. They say what they need to say but know how to respect the person they are talking to.

I know there are a lot of annoying telemarketers out there giving bad impression on decision makers. However, there are still telemarketers who are good in what they’re doing whose intention is to help every company they are calling. So, the next time your phone rings and you encounter a telemarketer, don’t hesitate to answer the call and listen. You might like what you are about to hear that might help you solve some of issues and concerns within your organization.


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10 Obvious Reasons Why you Need an Email List

“Do I need an email list?”

That’s the question every business owners asked themselves whenever they think about how to increase their customers.

The truth is, if you don’t have an email list, you’re making a HUGE mistake.  

If you still have the tiniest doubt why you shouldn’t, let me tell you why you should…I’ve come up with 12 obvious reasons why having an email list is important.

#1: It is essential in the first stage of your sales process

The first stage of the sales cycle is prospecting. And an email list is the easiest way to look for prospective customers. Sending out information through email is one way of letting your prospects know about your products and services.

Here are the  5 Things Every Prospecting Email Must Have Before You Hit ‘Send’

#2: To have a direct way of communication with your target audience

No doubt. In sales, it is very hard to close a deal. Some of them might be interested on looking at what you can offer but having someone to buy your product takes time. Having an email list can help you find many interested prospects, nurture them and eventually turn them into loyal customers.

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#3: Attract and Nurture the right prospect

Having a good email list means being able to target and reach the right prospects and learn how to nurture them depending on which stage they are in there buying process.

Learn more on How to Get Targeted Business List in Singapore with the Help of Outsourced Lead Gen Company?

#4: You can use it to promote new posts and events

Free publicity anyone?

Whenever you have new posts about  new product or an upcoming event, you can easily inform prospects in your email list. This will also help drive traffic to your post and website. Plus, you’ll get responses quickly from those who are interested.

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#5: To connect with your audience

An email list can help you connect with your audience and provide solutions based on their needs.

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#6: ALMOST everyone has email

Nowadays, almost 90% of people use social media to connect with family and friends. It is also used as a source of information when looking to buy a product. You may not reach all of them through social media, but at least you can reach them through email.

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#7: It can increase your conversion rate

Quality and targeted email list can boost email open rates which will eventually lead to higher lead conversion. By sending the right information to the right prospect means you have the power to make them feel that they can benefit from it will help them make a decision to buy from you.

Learn more how to get data cleansing and verification services and get targeted list!

#8: You can build relationship with your audience

Email can be used as a medium for communication and all marketers rely in building and nurturing good relationship with their prospects in order to do business. Also, strong relationship with a long-term client means they are more likely to refer you to their friends and family.

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#9: You have full control who can see what

It is best to have profiled email list so you’ll know your prospects better and be able to personalize the email based on the need of their prospects. Too much information will lead prospects to unsubscribe.

Watch full video: The Secrets to Increase your Database with Qualified Contacts The Secrets to Increase your Database with Qualified Contacts [VIDEO]

#10: You can test what works

Mailing lists can be use for testing to see which prospects to nurture and when to follow up on them based on their responses. You can even prioritize who to follow up.

  • Prospects who responded to an email
  • Prospects who opened the email
  • Prospects who received but didn’t open the email
  • Bounced emails

Now that we’ve listed down some of the obvious reasons, we hope you found the answer to your question on the importance of an email list.



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