Is your B2B Blog not getting enough traffic? Write in the Right Way

Is your B2B Blog not getting enough traffic- Write in the Right Way

You just started a company blog, signaling the start of your online marketing campaign. Confident it will procure enough shares and views to generate B2B sales leads, you provide it with posts detailing new offers.

Suddenly activity comes to a complete halt and what used to be a thriving cafeteria of information has become a ghost town of digital cobwebs.

All the effort and investments you put into setting up an online lead generation campaign are laid to waste, and you just stand there asking why.

Experienced B2B marketing bloggers can tell you that poor blog traffic can be a result of poorer content. And since marketing thrives on content, you should anchor your focus on improving that aspect.

Here are some tips on how revitalize your online presence to draw prospects like iron shavings to a magnet.

Stick to a Calendar. From getting high quality sales leads to setting business appointments, time management is an indispensable tool and yet the most mistreated. Blogs are good as long as their owners are active. But when laziness strikes, it would take more than anti-venom to revive them. Thus, it requires a great deal of regularly updating your blog. An editorial calendar along with a weekly quota goes a long way to get you focused on writing quality posts intended for lead generation.

Be Fresh and Specific. Ineffective blogs are diagnosed with either a deficiency of fresh and relevant ideas, or a potentially fatal overdose of generalities and redundant topics. Nonetheless, both warrant immediate medical attention. A proper dosage of focus is prescribed and should be administered on one topic at a time. Overstuffing the blogs with irrelevant compounds can only lead to the ultimate side effect: Boredom.

Educate. Here, you will need to fill in the shoes of a mentor, giving visitors something new and distinct every day. Many company blogs tend to lose their standing because, well, they are all about praising this product or that service. A good blog, on the other hand, creates awareness by asking questions in very subtle ways.

Don’t Use too Much Words. Print journalists will admit that in the past, people want their news in-depth and long. However, with innovations in long-distance communication, the human attention span has decreased tenfold (Not really accurate, but let’s put it at that). The same observation can be said of maintaining a blog. The remedy: write simple and write short. Why? Because it doesn’t mentally exhaust your prospects and it goes right on the dot.

It doesn’t take an Oxford graduate of literature to know the basics of readability. In fact, content marketing is really about gauging what your audience wants and not about flaunting your literary flair.

Putting this in mind can stimulate market perceptions and B2B blog traffic.

Source : How to Spot the Weakest Part of Your Blog Post (and What to Do About It)

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