Trouble With Singapore B2B Leads? Use Telemarketing

Trouble With Singapore B2B Leads? Use TelemarketingOne of the reasons why foreign investors fail in gathering B2B leads in Singapore is because they lack the tools necessary for an effective lead generation campaign in the country. While it is true that Singapore presents a lot of business potentials, the problem here deals with how to best contact them. Considering that the best modern marketing tools available, like social media and email, can take a long time to produce the desired results, you know that a better solution is needed. It may be necessary to employ a rather old-fashioned, but still effective, marketing tool – telemarketing. It can get you the desired results faster.

Yes, you may be howling in protest over this suggestion. It is a fact that telemarketers have created a rather unsavory reputation with the masses. It is also the fact that sales leads are built upon trust and confidence, something that telemarketing services have, in the past, been unable to deliver. But still, there is a reason why it is there.

For one, it can speed up the response rate of your campaign. You just have to make a call, and the business prospects will just give the reply. Second, you need a marketing tool whose effectiveness is easy to measure. And lastly, you will need an aggressive appointment setting strategy that is affordable enough. These are just some reasons why you should call your prospects on the phone.

As long as you choose the right set of telemarketers to do your work, things will be all right in the end.

Integrate Traditional Methods To Your Singapore Lead Generation Strategies

Integrate Traditional Methods To Your Singapore Lead Generation StrategiesHaving trouble standing out from your Singapore competition to generate enough business leads? Here’s a radical idea for you to consider: send your business leads in Singapore direct mail. Yes, that’s right, snail mail. It might sound ridiculous to do so, considering the fact that everything and everyone only ever interacts through digital nowadays. However, sending direct mail to your business leads might just be the leverage you need to highlight your company’s products and services. Here is a sound argument why direct mail can be an effective b2b lead generation tool: DMA’s 2012 Response Rate Report. A quick view at this wonderful report reveals that the ever-stereotyped telemarketing and “archaic” direct mail actually trumps emails with regard to client response rates.

Obviously, you are wondering how this report could even be plausible. But here’s the thing, decision makers are flooded with hundreds of emails on any given day, and even if they had an assistant to help them, reading through all those emails is often simply impossible. Not to mention a certain percentage of emails are directly sent to the spam folder. So why concentrate all your efforts on sending emails to your Singapore business leads when there is a 50% chance (or more) that your emails would never be opened?

It’s true that direct mail costs a bit more than sending out mass emails, but the effort required to send a direct letter to your business list easily projects how serious you are in getting their business. If you feel that you need to step up your lead generation marketing efforts for your Singapore business, consider going back to traditional marketing methods to surprise your business lead prospects.

Secure Your Singapore B2B Leads

Secure Your Singapore B2B LeadsConnecting with your business leads in a more convenient way is the reason why most b2b companies have websites. Aside from keeping contact, websites are also a great way to generate quality business leads. But in the wake of so many websites being hacked (such as LinkedIn), how can you be sure that the information and contact details of your Singapore business leads stay within your company?

The best way to safeguard the data of your business leads—and any other data from your company for that matter—even if you are not technically-savvy is to use passwords. Though you might think that passwords can be easily hacked, a well-constructed password will be enough to protect your company’s necessary information from any opportunistic third-party entities. A password might seem like too simple a solution, but for all the hard work that you put into your b2b sales lead generation campaigns just to find qualified Singapore business leads, you might as well utilize all available tools to protect them.

The best passwords are usually the following:

  • Made up of 8 or more characters
  • Composed of symbols, numbers, capital & lowercase letters
  • Don’t use: your birthdate, your spouse’s birthdate, the word “password”, “123456”, and other generic passwords
  • As much as possible, don’t use the same password and username combination for all your accounts, whether online or in your personal computer.

Because of the large quantity of business lead information that they store, a lead generation company implement a safety feature that protects all the information in its systems. Hiring one for their data management services will ensure that the data of your business leads are kept safe and up-to-date.

Singapore’s Derek Low On Freedom And Creativity

 Singapore’s Derek Low On Freedom And CreativityMost of you must have already seen it on YouTube. The Berkeley college dorm which was completely automated by its owner, then college freshman Singaporean Derek Low. Aside from his amazing dorm room, he also constructed an improvised Spark gap tesla coil (“the thrill of making your very own Lightning!”), and other homemade science projects. On a recent interview on, Mr. Low stressed the need for teachers and professors to stop giving children step by step instructions on what to do. Instead, they should be allowed the freedom to experiment and let loose their creativity.

What does this have to do with sales and marketing? Well, most business owners – especially those running a brainchild business venture – tend to over manage their operations and micromanage their employees. For a b2b company, this simply will not do. Constantly hawking over your employees will cause them to be paranoid and therefore not complete their tasks properly. Here are a few reasons why you should give your employees some space:

  • Your marketing people need space to be creative so that they can come up with effective business lead generation campaigns. If you let their creativity loose, they might just come up with the next viral marketing campaign for your b2b company.
  • Your telemarketing team, who bring in all those much needed business leads, will have more confidence doing their cold calls if you allow them to modify their telemarketing scripts according to the responses they get from the leads (with your adequate supervision, of course).
  • Your sales people should be allowed to prepare for and attend business appointments by themselves so that they can grow. True, they will eventually make mistakes, but if you let them learn from these mistakes, you will end up with great sales people who bring in large profits for your b2b.

Just like Mr. Low, allow your employees to experiment and learn things by themselves. This way, your employees can grow, and your business will grow with them.

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