Integrate Traditional Methods To Your Singapore Lead Generation Strategies

Integrate Traditional Methods To Your Singapore Lead Generation StrategiesHaving trouble standing out from your Singapore competition to generate enough business leads? Here’s a radical idea for you to consider: send your business leads in Singapore direct mail. Yes, that’s right, snail mail. It might sound ridiculous to do so, considering the fact that everything and everyone only ever interacts through digital nowadays. However, sending direct mail to your business leads might just be the leverage you need to highlight your company’s products and services. Here is a sound argument why direct mail can be an effective b2b lead generation tool: DMA’s 2012 Response Rate Report. A quick view at this wonderful report reveals that the ever-stereotyped telemarketing and “archaic” direct mail actually trumps emails with regard to client response rates.

Obviously, you are wondering how this report could even be plausible. But here’s the thing, decision makers are flooded with hundreds of emails on any given day, and even if they had an assistant to help them, reading through all those emails is often simply impossible. Not to mention a certain percentage of emails are directly sent to the spam folder. So why concentrate all your efforts on sending emails to your Singapore business leads when there is a 50% chance (or more) that your emails would never be opened?

It’s true that direct mail costs a bit more than sending out mass emails, but the effort required to send a direct letter to your business list easily projects how serious you are in getting their business. If you feel that you need to step up your lead generation marketing efforts for your Singapore business, consider going back to traditional marketing methods to surprise your business lead prospects.

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