To Use or Not to Use a Script? A Financial Lead Generation Question

To Use or Not to Use a Script- A Financial Lead Generation Question

Anyone who has an interest in English literature would easily declare Hamlet’s existential query as one of the most celebrated passages in Shakespeare’s collection of proto-“emo” tragedies. “To be or not to be?” establishes the dilemma of life in such an intriguing way that we simply couldn’t resist tackling it subjectively.

Meanwhile, financial service providers are also facing dilemmas of a similar magnitude in their B2B lead generation, one of which is the use of a telemarketing call script. As far as efficiency is concerned, there prevails a divide between marketers who use call scripts and those who don’t.

There are numerous reasons, and (as a marketer who is as confused about call scripts as Hamlet is about human destiny) you might want to review these and determine what you think would work for the financial services market.

To Use…

…a call script is to provide context and urgency. According to an article posted in, call scripts are more suited for B2C enterprises by the fact that the call volumes are high and not much attention is given to quality. The main aim here is to establish talking points about your product that will get a prospect interested.

“For those that have a more detailed product or offering once interest is shown they can then follow the script according to the guidelines,” the article says. Apparently, marketing financial services and products to large institutions would require the use of scripts to guide callers in the use of phrases, terms, transitions and expressions necessary for building interest.

Not to Use…

…a call script also has its merits. Directness is the prevailing ethic, and enterprises must see to it that their audience receives the kind of messages they want to hear. With unscripted telemarketing, callers are provided free command over the conversation, enabling them to discuss product benefits organically, that is without sounding mechanical.

The catch: Unscripted telemarketing requires excellent customer relationship skills. Without guidelines, callers will have to rely on their knowledge of the product to be able to secure a high-opportunity engagement.

The answer?

What usually works best in financial lead generation is a combination of scripted and unscripted telemarketing. Along with guidelines for navigating complex buyer inquiries, there is a strong need for callers to develop the necessary skills for

Often, an excellent balance of scripted and unscripted telemarketing can always be attained by involving an experienced lead generation company into your campaign.

Acquire B2B Financial Leads Better with these Web Tips

Acquire B2B Financial Leads Better with these Web Tips

The financial industry is nothing short of complex. Competition has intensified over the years, prompting decision makers within the industry to enhance their B2B lead generation activities.

Generating B2B leads to which one can sell financial services is a lot like completing a jigsaw puzzle of the Eiffel Tower. The pieces should be complete, and missing just one can be maddening to the participants. It’s unsatisfying. You would go to great lengths just to look for that piece in the same dilemma that B2B marketers confront in formulating lead generation strategies.

A complete marketing and sales campaign can secure a satisfying number of sales closes. Hence, key marketing components should be in place. A financial services company must have an efficient web infrastructure as it is an important component in every marketing plan.

Online platforms are crucial in the nascent success of every business. The use of web channels enables businesses to leverage numerous opportunities to engage their targets. But simply having a web presence isn’t enough. More important is to use these social media and web platforms effectively so as to produce the best B2B financial leads.

Here are some ways that financial services companies can use their web presence for lead generation.

Company blogging. It is important to note that nearly every company within the sector has established a blogging platform. This is because blogs are the main drivers of B2B audience awareness. It is also an important lead nurturing. Information presented in the company blog has proved to be an efficient means in influencing prospect decisions.

Free content. Another way to collate client audience interest is to offer free downloadable content. By offering free materials such as ebooks and whitepapers, companies are assured that their targets have enough interest to purchase financial and accounting products. Besides, who doesn’t want free stuff?

SEO prioritization. What’s the use of creating quality content when one is suffering from poor web traffic? Prioritizing SEO activities is a necessity as it provides your brand with the right kind of B2B leads, taking into account the keywords decision makers in their search for solutions.

Industry tracking. Also, it is very important for B2B companies to observe key industry metrics. Conversions need to be calculated alongside industry projections. On top of this, it is essential that a lead management database organize prospects according to their eagerness to buy.

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