Sales and Marketing Through The Words Of An Innovator: A Tribute To Steve Jobs

Sales and Marketing Through The Words Of An Innovator A Tribute To Steve JobsAlmost 2 years after he has left the world he has changed so immensely, Steve Jobs can still be felt everywhere, not only because of the physical technology he has passed on to our succeeding generations, but also through his philosophies that have inspired millions to achieve their goals.

Steve Jobs is synonymous to Apple, and Apple is synonymous to the iPhone. The iPhone is the symbol of what’s yet to come in the field of breakthroughs in telecommunication. But behind the success of his company, Jobs became the balance between technology and serving the people who have been believers of his brand.

Here are some sales and marketing philosophies from the “gospel of Jobs”:

“Be a yardstick of quality.”

Business is about making the commitment to make excellence as a top priority.

After that, everything else will follow. There should be a standard of quality from the way products are made, services are rendered, publicity is generated, and customers are treated.

“Creativity is just connecting things.”

To be creative doesn’t require doing something from scratch.

Sometimes, all you need to do is find a connection between things and create something imaginative out of it. In sales and marketing, creativity is an integral part, but most of the time, the actions that strike a chord within people are the ones that have successfully made that creative connection.

“Marketing is about values.”

If you want people to recognize your brand or service, you have to uphold certain values that are important to them.

Although some companies are able to make their product popular by unethical means, the true success would still be measured by integrity and high regard from your consumers and competitors.

“Sometimes when you innovate, you make mistakes.”

The risk that comes with being an innovator is the possibility of making a mistake.

But most success stories generally came into form by making something better out of a previous blunder. Sales and marketing people should be able to accept that possibility as a part of the process, and instead of fearing it, make it a turning point for improvement.

“If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle.”

The great minds, just like that of Jobs, are never satisfied with what they currently have.

They appreciate the triumph, but then they move on to the next project. They find new things to create or improve. They set bigger goals and commit to greater tasks. They keep doing that until they reach a point when they can finally say, “My job here is done.”

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