Marketing Activities you should Outsource to Professionals

Some things are better left to experts, especially when the fate of a business is on the line. This is certainly true in the world of marketing.

No one is really an expert of everything; each person can only specialize in a handful of fields. When we desperately try to be a “Jack of all trades”, we end up not reaching the maximum potential of our efforts.

That’s why we need to understand that there are marketing channels that need external help for them to be truly effective. An excerpt from a KissMetrics blog post enumerates 4 of these channels that marketers need to outsource:

1. Copywriting

Effective copy goes far beyond attractive wording. There’s a science to it, and yet it’s also an art. A change in one word can increase click-throughs by 161%.

Your copy isn’t something to assign to the team member with an English degree. This channel is better left to the experts. Top-shelf copywriters will consistently provide dramatically worthwhile ROIs, and the higher your traffic rates, the more profitable that investment is.

2. Infographics, Video, & Other Artistic Media

The quality of the media you produce is directly correlated to the status of your company in the eyes of viewers.Average infographics and videos don’t automatically propel a business into prominence.

It’s better to hire out quality pieces, even simple ones, than to create your own lacking pieces of media. Unless you have an artistic wizard on your team, these forms of media marketing are better left to the experts.

3. Long-Form Content

Long-form content has the capacity to serve as a flagship of your company. It is a one-time investment that reels in long-term benefits. It’s worth the investment to do it right. An expert content creator can craft something that excites readers, and if your free content is exciting, people will assume that your premium content is worth the money. This is why long-form content is better left to the experts.

4. Events

The question is: have you ever organized an event? If the answer is no, this type of undertaking is better left to the experts.

An event is a highly complex affair to host. Without prior experience in event planning, you are probably completely unaware of the plethora of details needed to facilitate your event.

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