How to close a deal with Singaporean Prospects?


How to close a deal with Singaporean Prospects?

Countless calls and face to face meetings, we’ve been there. Yet, we still can’t get prospects to say “YES” and move forward.

Like you, prospects are also trained (based on experience) to identify different types of sales reps and believe it or not, they know how to handle each one of them. “No.”, “Not at this time.”, “Just call me back.”, “I don’t think now is a good time.” – you’ve heard of these before and most mistakes every sales rep are doing is ending the call right after the prospect says, “NO”.

Sales pro do more than that in order to close a deal.

But with all of the competition, how can you offer a better deal with your prospects?

Show confidence

Prospects can be tough. They can sense if you’re scared or nervous. In fact, they’ll even push you around if they know you are.

What to do?

Be it in person or over the phone, you need to be confident about yourself, your product and the company that you represent. When talking to prospects, build rapport and be direct to the point. You have to project you know everything about your product and that you know what you want to accomplish at the end of every call.

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Get prospects to talk about their challenges

Decision makers have a lot of things going on in their minds. Most of the time, they’re preoccupied even before they answer your call. Instead of asking them if they have time to listen to what you are about to say, try to get them, to discuss their challenges. By doing so, you might have something to offer that could help them solve their business issues.

Here’s how I do it.

I probe and ask questions such as;

“What issues or challenges have you encountered within your organization?”

“What areas in your organization you wish to improve?”

(If you’re selling software, ask about their current solution) For example:

“Are you using any software? For how long? How is it working for you?”

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Be patient but firm.

It’s natural to feel frustrated especially when prospects are giving you a hard time. Sure they can be a bully sometimes, they are trained to be tough. Don’t take it personally. Instead, think of the possibility that they might still need what you’re selling. Be resilient.

Use these closing spiels.

Closing spiels are important because you’re asking for the final confirmation of your prospects.

  • If they have a provider, you can say, “If you find our service beneficial for your company would you consider doing business with us?”

It means you want to prove it to him that you can do better than your competitor by asking if they are open to doing business with you. You just have to make sure that you really do provide a better service than the one they have.

  • “It seems like our company can help you with your business needs, what do you think?”

You’ve identified their problems and you know you can help them solve their issues. Be confident like you’re the only solution they need.

  • “If you sign the contract today, I can guarantee we can do (request the prospect asked for), how does that sound?”

Negotiate. But make sure to keep your word for it and do what you’ve agreed upon.

  • “If you’re ready to move forward, I can go ahead and send you the contract right now.”

This might sound aggressive but it can go a long way when closing a deal. The fact that everything is ready on your end if he’ll give you his go signal, you’re implying you don’t want any delays on this project.

  • Let’s discuss numbers.”

You can talk about the pricing. Enumerate what they can get with a realistic ROI if they sign up.

Bonus Tip: Even if prospects refused to have an appointment, continue to build rapport. This leaves an impression that you still want a good business relationship in the future.

Nowadays, you have to invest time and effort when dealing with prospects. Sometimes, they are close to saying, “yes” but they’re not yet ready to talk about it.

If prospects are truly interested, they are more than willing to talk to you. Even if you called at the wrong time, they’ll do something for you after you’ve dropped the phone. But if they are not interested, they won’t. It’s as simple as that.



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