What are Your Social Marketing Goals?

What are Your Social Marketing Goals?

A Business2Community.com article states most B2B marketers struggle with defining their social media marketing goals.

“For instance, should you focus on the number of blog posts per week and tweets per day? How about the number of fans and followers? Maybe retweets, brand mentions, and social reach? Or what about website traffic, clicks, and leads coming from social? Setting social goals can be confusing,” the article said.

But for all its setup, social media can still provide businesses with an edge in terms of acquiring high quality leads. B2B enterprises can still source a potential customer from their social traffic – if they already know their way around. What gets in their way in attaining positive lead generation and conversion results is a lack of an efficient strategy, which is preceded by a lack of clear and consistent goals.

A journey ends up nowhere without a clear objective. Here are some ways you can narrow down your goals and focus your resources on the things that do matter to the organization.

Use the CARE model

SmartInsights.com reveals an efficient model for content marketers to use in if they desire to increase the efficiency of their digital campaigns. Using the CARE model, marketers need to highlight four things:

  • Content. Determine the type of content to be delivered to one’s constituency and the corresponding ways to deliver it to its intended audience. Check out Dummies Guide for Content Marketing
  • Audience. This pertains to the people who are targeted for a particular product. Identifying their needs through effective market research is vital for crafting the right message that will get them to engage. Know the different types of decision makers before you make a call.
  • Relevance. What are the trends prevailing in the market at the moment? For sure, buyers want to know about solutions that coincide with present situations and will decline anything that is outdated and unrelated to current demands.
  • Evaluation. Perhaps the part where many marketers struggle profoundly. But they can always get through the difficulty by setting up important KPIs that identifies top performing blog posts and content forms as well as the number of unique visits per device.

Focus on engagements

Make sure that you create shareable content. Blog articles, EBOOKS and infographics with viral potential are worth retweeting and are essential for building an audienceship.


Aim for competency

The most important goal to pursue is to provide satisfaction to existing and potential customers. Creating social campaigns that places the buyer at the top is perhaps the greatest goal to achieve because of the benefits that come along with it: increased revenue, better reputation and an efficient marketing infrastructure.

You can even use social media to boost audience to your events.


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Social B2B Marketing Trends to Watch Out in the “-Ber” months

Social B2B Marketing Trends to Watch Out in the “-Ber” months

It’s back to school for many kids. But specialists in the B2B marketing industry could also say that winter is coming. It would take a few more months, but winter is definitely coming.

But aside from the snow and layered clothing, the so-called Ber months suggest festive times coming our way. This fact compounds our excitement. There are just so many things to consider and to discuss about the string of the coming holidays. Indeed, this busy mood is something that puts a smile on every online marketer’s face as it does on customers.

Opportunities abound in the last months of the year. It is, in fact, a good time to put online content marketing into full gear. Many potential customers need sources of cheer, which only companies could supply without fear.

While we inflict a clout upon this rhyming bout, it is best to give these nifty trends a good ear.

Build awareness. There is no better time for brand promotion than the fourth quarter. It presents an atmosphere of increased consumer confidence. Online companies are leveraging the occasion to present compelling offers online. People are willing to spend, and they are also willing to hear more from you. They are also willing to try out new things. Indeed, you could use this temporal behavior to develop your image. Stay one foot ahead of the competitor. Keep listening to what the audience wants and plan your strategies from there.

Sales stats. It’s all about the numbers after all. The fourth quarter essentially heralds the end of the calendar year. In B2B marketing, it is an occasion highlighted by activity in both buyer and seller. The latter in particular is stacking up the statistics. Data from the past quarters are compiled and eventually analyzed. Strengths and weaknesses are determined. And the numbers will help to create better strategies to cap the year. This last quarter appropriately provides one last chance to meet campaign goals.

Targeted mailing. The market expects companies to go all out in their internet campaigns. A variety of social media platforms are tapped in their course. This is demonstrated by such tactics as creative video-based campaigns that function both as lead generation and brand promotion tools. On another area of the spectrum, email marketing is still a prevalent technique in raking qualified sales leads. It comes into full effect in the waning months when people expect good offers in well-structured mails.

We might as well give off a sigh of relief knowing that the year is going to end. We might as well sit down and toast to a productive year. Then again, the New Year is still eons ahead. Thus, there is still many things to do in these final months. So, don’t open that champagne bottle just yet. The B2B marketing world still has a lot in store.

War Games: Strategies to Secure Social Media amid Tough Competition

War Games- Strategies to Secure Social Media amid Tough Competition

B2B marketers will tell you it’s a jungle out there. Competition is relentless, and this is the reason for the pessimism that start-up businesses experience.

However, with the increasing prevalence of social media, the landscape is gradually changing in favor of the little man. Marketing has become more like a game, with players using the best of their analytical and creative abilities to generate the highest number of qualified leads and close the highest number of sales.

Of course, resources do matter, but the issue is more about using them than just having them.

For businesses new to the landscape, the following points can be cited as survival tips to succeed in the B2B battlefield:

Hold an Engagement Campaign. The immediacy of the communication process is a stark advantage of using social media to promote products and services. Companies can create fan pages in which they can interact with potential and existing customers as well as showcase company updates and future initiatives. Moreover, this directness in the two-way relationship between the company and the market can be an effective scale for consumer preferences.

Concentrate on SEO. Ranking number one on the Google search results is far-fetched. But it makes a great difference in boosting conversion rates when your landing page is featured on the first page. Thus, it is highly advisable to create quality content structured with important keywords. Make sure that keyword density falls between 1 and 3 percent; otherwise, search engines may ignore your overstuffed posts.

Think and Live Lead. Consider improving your presence by including fill forms and newsletter to your sites. Visitors may provide you with their contact information for more updates on future and present offers. Keep in mind that tapping various platforms and tools for lead generation can put your company on a favorable position.

Nurture your Leads. When a sale has been made, you may as well leave at that and proceed to look for more leads. If you believe that relationships work in such a way, then you are sorely mistaken. Nurture your existing leads even if a transaction was sealed. Consumer and company relationships are symbiotic for the most part, with the latter depending on you for solutions to certain problems. As a business, your task is to satisfy their demands. Nurture them well enough and they will become effective in generating leads.

Source: http://www.regalix.com/by_regalix/insights/articles/key-marketing-objectives-b2b-marketers-are-pursuing-through-social-media/

Social Media: A Revolutionized Business Tool

Social Media: A Revolutionized Business Tool

Social networking has created a comprehensive virtual environment that allows people around the globe to converse. Since the advent of social networking sites – Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, our involvement to the global trend has been revolutionized. It gave people an opportunity to meet new friends on a more diverse domain. The definition of social media does not end with that, as it goes beyond what we think it can do. Social media has been altered to become a significant aspect of the modern business sector, especially in lead generation, to constantly promote consumer interest and address inquiries on products and services.

For instance, LinkedIn has been establishing connections between potential human resources to respective companies across the world. With more than 277 million members, it has become one of the biggest social media sites linking people to great job opportunities.

One of the most crucial functions of social media in business is it provides presence awareness. Companies need to apply their marketing strategies in this area to be noticed by its target market over potential competitors. Another function of social media is it helps the company to develop the plan to promote product improvement. This is done by the collection of qualified leads based on the current trends in the internet. This is a very potent sales marketing approach because it constantly change based on the shifting trends which will give the company a competitive advantage on lead generation.

Nevertheless, social media improves customer-company relationships. The company can give a real-time connection to its customer to address customer service issues. This is a very integral aspect of every business – to hear what their customers are saying and to do something about it.

Social media is a cheap and yet very effective investment. Companies have easy entry points to upload all the useful information about their company and the offered products and services. This is very effective to companies offering services like telemarketing, where they use variety modern channels in linking their products to customers. Telemarketing companies have clients based across continents, and the only way to gather relevant B2B sales leads is to execute their main marketing strategy on cloud.

The new era of business marketing and management is continuously evolving and we have revolutionized a new business tool that will aid us in adapting to these vague changes, and that is social media.

Can You Share Your Brand’s Content in 6 or 15 Seconds?

Can You Share Your Brand's Content in 6 or 15 Seconds?

Marketers have more than enough ways to convey their message to their audience; they can choose from print, blogging, online streaming, TV ads, or social media presence. Whatever suits their taste, they can easily customize they approach using any of those platforms.

But if you only had 15 seconds to market your brand to the world, how would you do it?

Short videos are becoming wildly popular in cyberspace these days, mostly driven by apps available for iOS and Android mobile devices, and then shared afterwards in social networking sites. Twitter’s Vine introduced the 6-second video posting concept to the mainstream, and was then followed by Instagram’s 15-second version. Then there’s MixBit, launched just two months ago, which also provides editing of multiple clips into longer one- and two-minute videos.

So what is up with these short videos?

There are numerous reasons why it has become an overnight sensation. The most obvious one is the fact that it’s something new; before, videos can only be shared thru full-length video sites and apps. Vine and Instagram videos are more shareable, and because of its shortness, it’s easier to upload and view, even with a crappy connection.

Vine encourages creativity (marketers would have to give everything they’ve got and cram them all in 6 seconds). It’s a bit unique because of the fact that it allows video looping, as well as stop-motion animations that give creative marketers the liberty to customize their frames.

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Meanwhile, Instagram allows more space for companies to upload 15-second “mini-commercials”, but doesn’t really allow much editing functions. It’s more of a traditional video uploads where you don’t have to be extra-innovative.

Both platforms encourage social sharing, which makes marketers grab it as an opportunity to engage with customers on a more personal degree. In a user’s point of view, Instagram videos are generally intended to be on Facebook, and not on Instagram’s own network. People like to link both accounts because Facebook is a much stronger and broader network.

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In the same manner, Vine is intended for Twitter, and because it is basically a micro-blogging site wherein majority of tweets are pure text, posting videos can become very attractive to followers, especially for company Twitter accounts that are able to establish a huge following.

With a medium like micro-videos, marketers’ brains will be stretched to their limits as they think of ways to maximize that very little time they have to create a video and send a brand message to the public. With the right concept and a dose of creativity, a few seconds is all it takes.

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