Use Multi-channel Marketing to Keep You Ahead of the Competition

Why You Should Use Multi-channel Marketing to Keep You Ahead of the Competition

I’m always wondering how my competitors are doing whenever I look for new ways to market my products and services. In this rapidly changing world of business, I always want to be on top of my competitors. In order for my business to survive, I need to adapt and study my industry to stand out.

What do they do? How they do it? Who are their clients?

This leaves me thinking, how can I make my company better?

Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box and change your old strategies. However, whatever you do never copy your competition. And, don’t do anything that would hurt them.

In this digital world, many marketers use multi-channel as part of their marketing strategy. Small and start-up companies are always wondering why and how do bigger companies use it to stay ahead of their competitors.

A marketing case study report shows, companies that are using data-driven, multichannel marketing strategies are seeing dramatic results.

For example, USAA increased its return on investment for email campaigns by 12 times, Travelocity saw a 15% lift in conversion, and Dollar Thrifty improved response rates to promotions by 152%.

In order to compete, you should do what other companies within your industry are doing, but better. And here’s why you should also use multi-channel marketing.

#1. Reach out and connect with prospects on their preferred channel.

As a marketer, you have to be where your customers are. There are more than 50% of today’s prospects who use the internet to research first before they make a decision to purchase. Most of the time, Singaporeans are connected on their devices such as mobile or tablets whether for work or leisure.

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#2. Build a lasting relationship with your prospects.

Your main goal when reaching out to prospects is to understand them better regardless of what platform you use. Understanding them lets you create a personalized message that they can relate to and are not annoying. It’s never easy to gain your prospect’s trust for them to consider doing business with you. But giving them a positive experience in every step of their buying journey allows you to become one step ahead of your competitors.

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#3. Higher prospect engagement and ROI.

Letting people know about your products and services through multiple marketing channels – email, voice, social, web, mobile and chat lets you engage with them anytime when they are most likely active on their preferred channel.

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Because of an increase in your engagement with your prospects, you’ll definitely guide them through until they’ve reached the final stage of their buying journey and make a decision to purchase.

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No matter what your challenges are, multi-channel marketing lets you market your products to your prospects regardless what channel they use. The best thing is, the long term multi-channel marketing campaign allows you to achieve up to 300% improvement in ROI with less marketing efforts.  

Here are just proofs from satisfied clients:



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