Top B2B Lead Generation Tips on LinkedIn

Top B2B Lead Generation Tips on LinkedIn

It is important to note that companies are making rounds online. With the existence of social media platforms, it has become easier for them to apply strategies in terms of B2B lead generation. And while we can vouch for Facebook and Twitter as effective means for generating demands, we can always count on LinkedIn to be an efficient source for B2B leads.

For many B2B businesses, LinkedIn is still an apt partner for filling up the sales pipeline with the proper prospects. In fact, at least 43% of marketers have found leads via the site, based on a 2013 study by HubSpot. The latter also noted the LinkedIn is 277% more effective than Facebook and Twitter in terms of B2B lead generation. Kissmetrics on the other hand is even more positive – with 80% of lead converted through the platform!

With these figures in mind, you may as well maximize your LinkedIn profile. This comes with knowing the proper ways to handle the different tools that make the site efficient in lead management.

If you are looking for effective strategies for generating B2B leads, explore these techniques for a better experience in social media marketing.

Advanced search. LinkedIn’s Advanced People Search is an excellent prospecting tool. With it, marketers can key in important details about their target audience to produce a list of individuals that fit their profile. Using this tool will require you to input vital audience data for better and more specific search results.

Be heard. Joining online discussions not only advertises your company. It also allows you to expand your network and establish your place within the industry. It also enables you to listen to issues and problems that are confronting the market, and the ideal solutions to remedy these.

Tap specific groups. LinkedIn also makes it possible for you to search groups. By focusing your search on specific groups by industry ad by size will make it easier for you to locate leads in bulks. Make sure that you only type in relevant keywords pertaining to the types of groups you are looking for.

Pay for extensive content. If there’s a content platform that gives better results in increasing lead traffic, it is found on LinkedIn. By subscribing to the site’s advanced content publishing service, you can reach people outside your own niche.

With these strategic tips, you will find it easy to expand your sales pipeline. But it would require expert social media marketing skills in order to maximize these techniques. Luckily, there’s always an eager B2B outsourcing firm that is waiting to lend you an extra hand for a better lead management experience.  

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