War Games: Strategies to Secure Social Media amid Tough Competition

War Games- Strategies to Secure Social Media amid Tough Competition

B2B marketers will tell you it’s a jungle out there. Competition is relentless, and this is the reason for the pessimism that start-up businesses experience.

However, with the increasing prevalence of social media, the landscape is gradually changing in favor of the little man. Marketing has become more like a game, with players using the best of their analytical and creative abilities to generate the highest number of qualified leads and close the highest number of sales.

Of course, resources do matter, but the issue is more about using them than just having them.

For businesses new to the landscape, the following points can be cited as survival tips to succeed in the B2B battlefield:

Hold an Engagement Campaign. The immediacy of the communication process is a stark advantage of using social media to promote products and services. Companies can create fan pages in which they can interact with potential and existing customers as well as showcase company updates and future initiatives. Moreover, this directness in the two-way relationship between the company and the market can be an effective scale for consumer preferences.

Concentrate on SEO. Ranking number one on the Google search results is far-fetched. But it makes a great difference in boosting conversion rates when your landing page is featured on the first page. Thus, it is highly advisable to create quality content structured with important keywords. Make sure that keyword density falls between 1 and 3 percent; otherwise, search engines may ignore your overstuffed posts.

Think and Live Lead. Consider improving your presence by including fill forms and newsletter to your sites. Visitors may provide you with their contact information for more updates on future and present offers. Keep in mind that tapping various platforms and tools for lead generation can put your company on a favorable position.

Nurture your Leads. When a sale has been made, you may as well leave at that and proceed to look for more leads. If you believe that relationships work in such a way, then you are sorely mistaken. Nurture your existing leads even if a transaction was sealed. Consumer and company relationships are symbiotic for the most part, with the latter depending on you for solutions to certain problems. As a business, your task is to satisfy their demands. Nurture them well enough and they will become effective in generating leads.

Source: http://www.regalix.com/by_regalix/insights/articles/key-marketing-objectives-b2b-marketers-are-pursuing-through-social-media/

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